What Is Semrush and How Is It Different From Google Analytics?

What Is Semrush and How Is It Different From Google Analytics?

Are you looking for the best online marketing tool out there? Have you found yourself bogged down by all of the choices you find for search engine marketing (SEM)?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going the hash out the difference between two of the biggest search engine marketing platforms out there: Semrush and Google Analytics. 

Each one of these platforms can tell you a lot about your search engine optimisation (SEO). But, what’s the difference and which one should you use?

Keep reading to find out.

How Semrush Gathers Information

Semrush Traffic Analytics gets its information from multiple proprietary and third-party data sources. The entire system is based on petabytes of clickstream data, so Semrush has artificial intelligence learning algorithms and big data technologies.

Semrush collects this data from more than 200 million real Internet users from hundreds of apps and browser extensions. From all of this data, Semrush can estimate overall user behaviour.

Semrush can even tell you how accurate (or not accurate) their data is. When a user is on their Semrush dashboard, they can see the estimated accuracy of the information that they’re looking at. Further, they explain how they arrived at that accuracy level and why their analytics may look different.

How Google Analytics Gathers Information

As you may have gathered, Google Analytics gathers its information differently. Google Analytics gets its information directly from each website.

As the site owner, you can place a Javascript tracking code in the code of your site. Using this piece of code, Google can find out a lot about your website.

Google can tell you a lot about your website, but Google Analytics is not interchangeable with Semrush. People use the platforms for different purposes since they gather information differently.

Semrush vs Google Analytics

Semrush and Google Analytics are not interchangeable. In fact, many people use both websites since they both offer useful information about your own and others’ websites.

In order to determine how you should use each site, you need to think about what each site has to offer.

Let’s look at the four main features of comparison:

  1. Primary functionality
  2. Website improvement
  3. Competitive intelligence
  4. Extra features

By looking at and comparing each of these sectors, you’ll be able to determine how each of these sites can fit into your content marketing strategy. No matter how you do online marketing, it’s likely that each website is going to help you somehow.

Primary Functionality

The primary function of Google Analytics is to analyze your own website in full. The website’s tools and reports allow you to look at the website that you own after you’ve placed a tracking piece of code into your website.

Google Analytics - Dashboard Example

Semrush allows you to do the same thing. But, with Semrush, you can also look at other domains that are in Semrush’s database. This means that you can look at competitors’ websites, too.

You can even look at other websites’ digital marketing campaigns.

Website Improvement

Each and every website is looking to rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs). But, in order to rank higher on a SERP, you have to understand what kinds of changes you need to make to your website.

Google Analytics gives you 100% accurate, real-time traffic data for your website. And, it can look at tags, events, and campaigns that you’re running for your website. Even better, it allows you to look at the backlinks that you’ve placed on your website.

Semrush gives you access to multiple tools that you can use to learn more about your website:

  • Site audit tool
  • Position tracking tool
  • On-page SEO checker tool
  • Link building tool
  • Backlink audit tool
Semrush Features Banner Edit

With these tools, you can integrate Semrush with Google Analytics to learn more about your website and how you can improve your SEO.

With these two tools, you could look at Google Search Console to get a greater picture of your website and its performance.

Competitive Intelligence

Google Analytics doesn’t offer competitive intelligence features. But, Semrush does.

Semrush gives you access to more than 700 million domains around the world. And, you can search more than 18 billion keywords.

You get access to competitive intelligence tools that can help you analyze individual websites and broad niches. You’ll be able to look at competitor backlinks, total traffic, traffic sources, user behaviour, and more.

If you’re looking to spy on the competition a little, Semrush is the way to go.

Extra Features

Each platform offers a few extra features that you should consider before using either one.

Semrush offers these features:

  • Content marketing platform
  • Content writing tools
  • Content optimisation tools
  • Social media management tools
  • Custom PDF report building tools
  • Dashboard creation
  • UTM tracking upon integration with Google Analytics

On the other hand, Google Analytics allows you to create dashboards and create and track campaigns. 

Which One Is Better: Semrush or Google Analytics?

Both platforms have a lot to offer. But, as we said before, the two platforms are not interchangeable.

This is why we recommend that you use both platforms to your advantage when you’re trying to improve your search engine optimisation.

Google Analytics gives you a more in-depth, accurate view of your website, while Semrush allows you to peek into other people’s websites.

By looking at yourself and your competitors, you can get a greater picture of what your online marketing strategy should look like. And, you’ll be able to increase your place on SERPs using the information that you learn.

Improve Your Search Engine Optimisation

A lot of website owners don’t know that they should use both Semrush and Google Analytics to improve their SEO. By taking our advice and using both, you’ll be ahead of the competition.

And, you’ll be able to conquer your SEO strategy in no time.

But, if you’re still feeling a little lost, allow us to help. Our team can help you grow your business through search engine optimisation. Check out our services and see how we can help you today.

It’s time to take control of your niche and show your visitors that you’re the leader in your industry.

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