SEO Audit Reports – Kickstart your SEO for success in 2022

SEO Audit Reports – Kickstart your SEO for success in 2022

Through our Fiverr profile, you can order a bespoke SEO Audit Report from us, tailored to your specific website.

Our SEO Audit Reports cover everything from Backlinks and Keywords, through to Crawlability, On-Page SEO and Technical Audits.

Why do you need an SEO Audit Report?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical to unlocking free Organic Search traffic for your website.

Regardless of whether you just want more readers for your blog, or want more customers to visit your sales site and but from you, SEO is key to ranking in Search Engines and winning free Organic Search Traffic.

To best understand how to optimize your website, it’s worth understanding where you stand right now – which is where an SEO Audit Report comes in handy.

With an SEO Audit Report, you can get a picture of how your website currently ranks for certain keywords, how string your domain is, how many backlinks your website has, and how your website performs in terms of page load speed and user experience.

Determining your website’s backlink profile means finding out how many other websites (individual Domains) link back to your own website, how many times they do that (how many backlinks in total), and from what pages do they link from.

Your Backlink profile is key to your Domain Authority (DA) and to understanding how well Google regards your site in terms of being a source of authority and subject expertise in your particular market niche.

To put it simply – once you have a picture of your own site’s keyword rankings, backlink profile and DA, you can compare and benchmark this against competitors or similar sites, to see exactly where you stand in your market niche.

Armed with this powerful information, you can then take action and set measurable and achievable goals for increasing your Keyword Rankings, your Backlink profile and DA.

All of this can vastly improve your SEO and Google search rankings over time, which ultimately leads to an increase in the volume of Organic Search Traffic you receive each month.

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(Key Components of an SEO Audit Report)

Why use Get On Search for your SEO Audit Reports?

Established SEO tools including Ahrefs, Moz, SEMRush and Majestic are all excellent ways to find out how many backlinks your site has, and interrogate the sources of those links to indicate your own DA (Domain Authority).

The problem is that these tools have expensive subscription costs involved which can run into $100’s per month.

We have subscriptions to all of them, so why not pay us a smaller amount – to go run the analysis, crunch the numbers and produce a bespoke report for you?

In addition, navigating and pulling out the key data from these online SEO tools can take time and be confusing. We cut through all of that for you, and present the most important data in an easy to read report format. Our reports include well-written and easy to read explainers on each data point, telling you what they are, and why they’re important to your website SEO.

What’s included?

A 60+ page SEO Audit Report report, plus a 35+ page Appendix, both supplied digitally, in full colour PDF format.

Accurate and up to date SEO data, from Google and the market leading SEO Data Platform Semrush.

Contents of our SEO Audit Report and Appendix

Your Website SEO Strategy and the Scope of this Audit Report

Source of Data

Search Engine Coverage

Domain Overview – Headline Numbers

  • Organic Search: Summary
  • Backlinks: Totals

Deep Dive – Organic Traffic, Keywords & Competitors

  • Organic Search: Traffic Chart
  • Organic Search: Top Pages
  • Organic Search: Keywords by Country
  • Organic Search: Top Keywords
  • New Vs Lost Organic Keywords
  • Organic Search: Keyword Position Distribution
  • Improved Vs Declined Organic Keywords
  • Organic Search: Top Competitors

Deep Dive – Backlink Analysis

  • Backlinks: Summary
  • Backlinks: Follow Vs NoFollow
  • Backlink Audit: Domains by Toxic Score
  • Backlinks: Types
  • Backlinks: Referring Domains by Authority Score
  • Backlinks: Top Countries
  • Backlinks: TLD Distribution
  • Top backlinks
  • Backlinks: Top Referring Domains
  • Backlinks: Top Anchors
  • Backlinks: Top Indexed Pages

Deep Dive – Site Health, On-Page & Technical SEO Audit

  • Site Audit: Pages Crawl Depth
  • Site Audit: Sitemap Vs Crawled Pages
  • Site Audit: Crawlability Issues
  • Site Audit: Crawl Budget Waste
  • Site Audit: HTTP Status Codes
  • Site Audit: Canonicalization
  • Site Audit: AMP Links
  • Site Audit: Incoming Internal Links
  • Site Audit: Pages Markup
  • Site Audit: Core Web Vitals Page Status
  • Site Audit: Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
  • Site Audit: Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)
  • Site Audit: Total Blocking Time (TBT)

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What to do next?

Why chose Semrush for your SEO Strategy & Data Insights?

How to order one of our SEO Audit Reports: Step-By-Step-Guide


Click through to place an order with us. You’ll be taken through to – one of the world’s largest online freelance services platforms.


We take our orders through – it’s quick, easy, and means we don’t have to handle any of your card, payment or personal details (since Fiverr does that for us).


You’ll automatically be taken through to the order page for our “SEO Audit Report” service. From here, just add the URL address of your own website, and a few other bits of information – including the International Region / Market which you’d like to focus on, and then hit submit.


We’ll pick up your order, and run analyses on each of the named website URL’s, making use of market leading SEO tools including Semrush. Once we have the data, we’ll produce a bespoke Audit Report just for you, and then publish and send this report direct to your inbox.

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