Backlink Index – The Best Free SEO & Backlink Tool for Bloggers in 2022?

Review of Backlink Index

What is Backlink Index, and is it worth your time and effort to get listed on Backlink Index?

Backlink Index is a new Backlink building service and database which is completely free to use. It was founded in 2021 by a community of bloggers and small business owners who wanted to help each other through backlink building collaborations, but also tackle the problem of paid backlinks.

What problem is that, you might ask?

Well, a lot of backlink building services already exist (there’s a big market for backlinks), but most of those services are paid… i.e. you have to pay a fee to get a backlink placement or guest post added to another website. 

That becomes problematic if you’re just starting out and don’t have a budget or any spare money to spend on buying your backlinks. Buying and paying for backlinks is a tried and tested method of increasing your website’s backlink profile, and thus it’s Domain Authority (DA) and Google search rankings by knock on effect. Although it should be noted that buying backlinks isn’t exactly a ‘White Hat’ technique or one which Google likes.

In an ideal world, Google wants to find ‘genuine signals’ of trust (i.e. backlinks), on sites across the web which are related to your site, and which are backlinking to your content, to indicate that it is of high quality and relevant to key search terms. if those ‘signal’s (backlinks) are paid for and look out of place (i.e. non-genuine or not relevant), then Google might overlook them or even penalise your site for them.

This is where Backlink Index comes in…

With Backlink Index, every site listed is agreeing to accept and review applications for backlink collaborations – FOR FREE.

Backlink Index is essentially a community of likeminded bloggers and small business owners, who want to connect with their peers and help foster and grow each other’s SEO rankings, through relevant backlink collaborations.

These ‘backlink collaborations’ could take one or more forms:

  • Guest Blog Posts
  • Backlink Placements (i.e. text links to relevant and related content)
  • Citations or Quotes
  • etc.

A Backlink Index which is searchable by Industry Vertical or Market Niche

With all online content marketing these days, relevance to a specific market niche or industry is key to ranking well.

With that in mind, the Backlink Index is build as a directory which is indexed by Market Niche. They have a page for every possible niche you could think of, from SEO and Online Retail, through to Agriculture and Healthcare.

In the unlikely event that you can’t find your target niche already listed on Backlink Index, you can simply contact the team at Backlink Index and ask them to add it for you.

How to contact and approach sites which you’ve found on Backlink Index

Once you’ve found one or more websites on Backlink Index which align with your target niche and have complimentary content, you can then reach out to them, make contact and propose a backlink collaboration.

Backlink Index has a guide on how to do this, but it’s really quite simple

  1. Each listed site on Backlink Index provides a number of contact points in their listing. Typically this will be a link to their contact page, their email address, and one or more social media profiles.
  2. All you have to do is click through to your preferred contact method, and write up your first message to them…
  3. To help with this, there are handy tips for contacting a niche site on Backlink Index, which also includes a useful outreach template which you might like to use.

Getting your site listed and added to Backlink Index

Backlink Index is open to application from just about anyone.

In the spirit of collaboration and online communities, the application criteria for getting listed on Backlink Index is very low. You don’t have to have vast amounts of existing traffic visiting your site, and you don’t have to have great Domain Authority (DA) scores either.

All you need to have is a quality site which demonstrates valuable and relevant content, and content which doesn’t fall into one of the Restricted Niches (typically pornography, violence, racism etc.).

Go here to check the requirements and advice for how to get listed on Backlink Index, or if you’re ready to apply already, then the Backlink Index Application Form is here.

If you’re interested in Backlinks and Domain Authority (DA) scores, then be sure to check out our SEO Audit Reports service here.

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