How To List a Website in Online Business Directories – The Best Options for 2022

How To List a Website in Online Business Directories – The Best Options for 2022

In this Post we will cover the process of listing a Business Website in Online Business Directories

Note: This post will be of particular interest to those who own websites relating to their Business (i.e. an ecommerce store which compliments a bricks and mortar high street store, or a portfolio or sales and business development site for some other business which has an ‘offline presence’, such as a Law Firm, a Sole Trader, a Restaurant, or other).

If your website is for example a blog, and is stand-alone and un-related to any business with a physical address, then you likely won’t benefit from reading this particular post.

This post is for those who have a physical business address, and wish to link it to their website and promote it through online Business Directories such as Google My Business (Google Business Profiles), or a Facebook Business Page.

What are Online Business Directories?

Online Business Directories are large databases of searchable business listings.

Think of them as the old Yellow Pages, or Classified Business Ads – but now online.

Get On Search - Online Business Directories

The most obvious and prominent of these, is Google My Business (Google Business Profiles).

When you search for a local business in Google, you will be presented with a 1st page SERP (Search Engine Results Page), which will likely show the relevant business website, and then alongside it will be the related business listing.

This business listing typically contains all the key information relating to the physical business – i.e. it’s physical location, telephone number, hours of opening etc. and then maybe also some meta data, such as photos and visitor reviews.

Having Business Listings show up like this in relevant results on search engines and directories, is very valuable to a business, and should be regarded as a key part of your SEO strategy.

Semrush can help manage and make the most of your Business Listings to get the most out of Online Business Directories

Semrush has an online tool built specifically for managing business listings online.

With the Listing Management tool, you can check which business directories also have data for your website and business, review the existing data they do have, and correct it where necessary.

You can also review Semrush’s maintained list of global Business Directories, find relevant ones where you don’t currently have coverage, and then tell Semrush which ones you want it to reach out to and submit your business data to.

All of this will improve your online visibility, your SEO rankings, and ultimately make it easier for your customers (both existing and new), to find you, make contact, or buy direct.

Semrush is the market leading online analytics tool for SEO, and also the source of all your data in our market-leading SEO Audit Reports. (SEM stands for “Search Engine Marketing”).

An example direct from the Semrush Listing Management Tool & Insights

The Semrush Listing Management tool has both paid (premium) and free features.

The full paid up product lets you manage and monitor your Business Listings, whilst also having Semrush submit your data to new directories, on your behalf, and at your instruction. That’s a great time saver and help.

A great free feature which you can try and use today though, is the Free Listings Checker tool.

Here’s an example of the summary report which Semrush provided us for a business client of ours.

Example Results from Free Listings Checker Tool

Benefits of the Free Listings Checker Tool

You can clearly see the quick wins and value to be had from the Listings Checker tool.

  • Wherever your business details are already present – these directory listings show up in Green.
  • Wherever your business details are present, but with errors (typically differences in the data, such as an old address or old contact details) – these will show up in Orange.
  • Then, for those Business Directories which the Checker Tool has deemed are relevant to you (based on potential reach, your home region etc.), where you currently don’t have a listing – these are shown in Red.

The tool then offers direct integration into the paid features, such as automating the process of submitting your business listing data to the missing directories, updating incorrect information, and even responding directly to business reviews which you might have already received!

Semrush Listing Management Tool 1