What is Google My Business and why are Google Business Profiles so important in 2022?

What is Google My Business and why are Google Business Profiles so important in 2022?

Here’s how to improve your local search results in 2022.

You might have heard of Google My Business, or Google Business Profiles.

Google My Business is a specific service offered by Google, and once you join Google My Business, you can then setup one or more profiles for your business(es), i.e. Google Business Profiles.

But what exactly what are Google Business Profiles and why should you consider getting one for your business?

Why do you need a Google My Business profile?

Google My Business is a must-have for any business wanting to leverage online search and connect with their customers. It is a specific service offered by Google, which is aimed at surfacing the best and most accurate information to potential customers when they search for your business.

Every time someone searches on Google for a particular product or service (one which you provide), and in your area – then your business could be showing up in the Search Results Pages (SERP’s) which are presented to that potential customer.

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(Google My Business)

If your business isn’t setup and optimised for Google My Business, then it won’t have a Google Business Profile.

This means that it wont show up on Google Maps or Google Search results properly when people search in your area for a product or service which matches what you offer.

Google My Business is a great way to make sure that your business details are showing up and are all correct in Google search results. For great features like store opening hours, contact details, and a link to your website – you need to setup and optimise your Google Business Profile.

Why use a Freelancer or Digital Agency to help with your Google My Business account and your Google Business Profile?

Our mission is to help get more people and more businesses onto Google, to help them leverage the growth opportunity offered by online search.

Whilst Google My Business is a free service from Google, it does require some technical knowledge and time investment to get it right – submit the correct information, and optimise it so that it displays to the customer just how you intended it to.

Online Freelancers and Digital Agencies can do those tasks for you, so you don’t have to worry about them. This service can be very quick and easy, and will give you the peace of mind that an SEO specialist got it right for you first time, and for very little cost!

Get On Search - Google Business Profiles
(Google Business Profiles)

Where can I find help setting up my Google Business Profile?

Our go-to recommendation for this kind of SEO work would be Fiverr, the online marketplace for digital freelancers.

How it works – Quick Step-By-Step Guide to finding a Freelancer on Fiverr.com to setup and optimize your Google Business Profile

How GetOnSearThis is how an SEO Consultant, Digital Agency or Freelancer on Fiverr will add your business to Google, and what you can expect at each stage…

You’re about to make a great choice, and an easy one. Adding your business as a listed profile and location in Google search results is a great asset to your online presence and makes your business so much easier for your customers to find.

It can be a little daunting to figure out how to do it though, so why not pay a small amount for the peace of mind and have an experienced SEO Agency do it for you? Quick, easy and inexpensive!


Click here to be taken through to a list of Google My Business services on Fiverr.com – one of the world’s largest online freelance services platforms.

Wait, what is Fiverr.com exactly? – Fiverr is a freelance services platform, it lets freelancers and agencies sell their services online, and provides a safe secure place for customer to buy and pay for those services.

Whether you’re looking for someone to design you a website logo, write you a blog post, or (as in this case) – provide SEO services, Fiverr.com is a great place to do it!


Your order will be taken and processed through Fiverr.com – it’s quick, easy, and very secure.

Why are you signing up to Fiverr and paying there? – We take your privacy and online safety very seriously.

Fiverr is a well-established business and online services marketplace, with inbuilt payment processing (including PayPal).

Using Fiverr to pay for your services means that you can be confident of a safe secure transaction, and if anything goes wrong with the delivery of your services – you (as the customer) are protected on Fiverr and don’t have to release funds to us until you are happy with the end result!

This is similar to how you buy goods from people you don’t know, over eBay.

On eBay, you’re given buyer protection, eBay is the trusted middleman handling the transaction, and if something goes wrong – there’s a route for recourse.

Think of Fiverr as the eBay for freelance web services.

There’s also the added bonus of being introduced to the Fiverr marketplace… we figure that if you’re an online business, you’d certainly benefit from all the other great freelance services being offered on Fiverr, so why not have a browse whilst you’re there?!


Once you’ve selected a ‘Gig’ (a service on Fiverr), you’ll be automatically be taken through to the order page for the chosen “Google My Business” service. From here, just add your business details (as you’d like them to show in Google search results), and hit submit.

What details will you be expected to provide? – the details which you provide are optional (you don’t have to provide all of the below), but it’s what you typically see when you search for a business online:

Business Name, Location, Website Address, Telephone Number, Hours of Opening, Email Address, Links to Social Profiles, Links to Trip Advisor or other review sites etc.


Your Freelancer (or digital agency) on Fiver will pick up your order, do the paperwork and contact Google on your behalf, to get your business details registered and showing up on Google search results.

How quickly does this get done? – typically you can expect them to get on this straight away, and within a 48hr turn around period at most. But there are also faster (expedited) service options, and it’s not uncommon to have it done in the same day.


The last step is easy.

Google will then send you a postcard to your business address, with details for your to respond and confirm your presence at that address.

Then it’s done! You can sit back and wait for your business to turn up in Google shortly.

Why do I still have to do this last step myself? – to verify that your business is legitimate and does exist at the address which you have provided, Google needs confirmation. It achieves this by sending a physical postcard to your business address.

The postcard will have a printed unique code on it, and will also have instructions for you to verify by typing that code back, either over email, or SMS text or similar.

How long till my business starts to appear in Google search results? – how quickly you pick up and respond to Google’s postcard is up to you (please keep an eye out for it in the post!).

Typically, Google will post the postcard to you within 3-4working days (TBC). Once you’ve responded and verified your business address, you should expect to start seeing your business listing and details surface in Google search results within the week.

Congratulations! – You’ve just added your business to the Google search results and business directory!

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