FAQs for our #1 Top Selling SEO Audit Reports in 2022

FAQs for our #1 Top Selling SEO Audit Reports in 2022

Here at GetOnSearch.com we produce market-leading SEO Audit Reports.

However, we understand of course that you may have a few questions upfront, before you purchase on of our reports.

For that reason, we’ve compiled this handy set of FAQs for our SEO Audit Reports.

FAQs for the Get On Search SEO Audit Reports (Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs)

Q: Who is compiling and writing my report?

A: We are an established Digital Agency, with extensive experience in website and application development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and project delivery.

All members of our team are native English speakers, based out of either the United Kingdom (UK), or United States of America (USA).

Q: What format do you provide your SEO Audit Reports in?

A: All of our SEO Audit Reports are provided in full-colour PDF format, with clickable links between pages, and a table of contents upfront. Respective file sizes are typically 7-7.5MB (SEO Audit Report), and 2-2.5MB (Appendix).

If you’d like access to the online data tools which we use, to be able to interrogate the data yourself and in your own time, then our Client Data Dashboard product might be the best solution for you to try next.

Q: What information do I need to provide?

A: We need the URL (website address) for the website which you’d like us to audit, the International Region which you would like to focus on (full list provided below), and also some contact details from you. Preferably, we need an email address to send your finished SEO Audit Report to.

Get On Search - FAQs What Information to Provide
(FAQs – What Information to Provide)

Q: Can I submit a website for audit, which is written in another language?

A: Our best service will always be delivered for websites which are written in our native language (English).

However, we can also look at auditing websites which contain content written in other languages. That being said, we cannot currently process sites which are written in non-Latin alphabets, or with right-to-left (RTL) writing conventions.

Q: What language are your SEO Audit Reports provided in?

A: All of our SEO Audit Reports are provided in English, and written by a native English speaker, from either the United Kingdom (UK), or the United States of America (USA).

Q: How long are your SEO Audit Reports?

A: Our SEO Audit Reports are supplied in 2 parts – the Audit Report itself, and then an accompanying Appendix. Dependant on the page count of your website and the amount of data analysed, the page count may increase slightly, but typically you can expect 60+ pages for the report, and 30+ pages for the appendix.

Q: Can you provide a Sample Report?

A: Yes. Our sample SEO Audit Report can be found on our website here:

Q: Will you fix any of the identified issues on my website?

A: No. The scope of this particular service only goes as far as to conduct an SEO Audit, and then produce and publish a report on it’s findings.

We do offer other SEO support services through our website (getonsearch.com), and within the contents of our SEO Reports you will find tips and advice on how to resolve many issues yourself.

We also provide recommendations and suggestions for tools and other 3rd parties who can conduct any further work with you if required.

Get On Search - FAQs SEO Issue Fixes
(FAQs – SEO Issue Fixes)

Q: How many pages of my website will be analysed and audited?

A: Our SEO analysis tools will analyse up to 100 pages of your website for the purposes of Domain Analytics, Keyword Analytics, Backlink Audit, Position Tracking, and Site Audit (Site Health, On-page and Technical SEO Audit).

The (up to) 100 pages will be auto-selected from your top pages, i.e. your homepage and most important pages which link from it or cascade down through your sitemap.

For the analysis by Google Core Web Vitals (part of the On-page and Technical SEO Audit), only the top 10 pages of your website will be submitted and analysed.

These numbers are dictated by fair usage and rate limits imposed by our SEO tools, however if you would like to explore increasing the scope of your Audit Report, please feel free to contact us to discuss further.

Q: Who are these SEO Audit Reports designed for?

A: Our SEO Audit Reports are great for individuals and businesses alike.

We have designed our reports to offer a lot of value to those who are either new to SEO, or those who just want a regular (perhaps monthly) check-up on how their website is performing, and where they can make improvements.

A big benefit of our reports is the cost effectiveness. It can cost a lot of money to maintain product subscriptions to the global leaders in SEO data (the likes of Semrush, Moz etc.), so instead of monthly costs of $100/mth or more, our SEO Audit Reports offer a cheap way to access the same data.

We also produce our reports in an easy to digest format, and accompany every data point and graph with explanations and examples – to make them easy to understand and take actions with.

They’re great for an SEO newbie, for the digital marketer who needs to put a report in front of their boss every month, or for the small business owner who needs a guiding hand through the SEO landscape.

Q: What types of website can you provide SEO Audit Reports for?

A: We can provide SEO Audit Reports for any type of website, in any Industry or Market Niche, and built on any platform. Whether your website is a blog, ecommerce store, news site, or business profile site, we can perform our SEO analysis.

We can also analyse websites built using any of the popular website builder tools including: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify, Wix, Big Commerce, Squarespace, or even bespoke sites built from scratch in HTML and CSS.

Get On Search - FAQs Got a Shopify Website - We can analyse those
(FAQs – Got a Shopify Website? We can analyse those)

Q: Can you guarantee position 1 rankings in Google or 1st page SERP results?

A: No, unfortunately not. No SEO agency can guarantee the top spots in Google search results for any given website or set of keywords. Indeed, if any claim that they can guarantee this, then they are likely using black-hat or grey-hat techniques which are always discovered and penalized by the search engines in the long run anyway.

Achieving good results from SEO takes time and effort. Best practices for SEO are also a moving target year or year, as each Search Engine modifies and updates it’s ranking algorithms.

What we can guarantee though, is that by sitting still and doing nothing with your website SEO, your site will not magically rise up the Google rankings and SERP pages on it’s own.

With the help of our reports, you can identify opportunities for improvement, implement changes, and over time reap the rewards.

If you do SEO right, and keep on top of it, then your website should benefit from a sustainable source of free organic search traffic for years to come.

Q: What is your Refund Policy?

A: No refunds are offered for any work undertaken on a site which has been accepted by our team (i.e. the website meets our inbound criteria, is written in a language which we can process etc.).

However, a full refund will be offered in any case where you have submitted a website to us, which we cannot accept or process (e.g. a website written in right-to-left (TRL) format, or a non-Latin language, or privately hosted and restricted from access by our preferred SEO tools (Semrush)).

In such a case, we will identify the problem and contact you as soon as possible, to avoid any further delays or inconvenience to yourself.

Get On Search - FAQs Refund Policy
(FAQs – Refund Policy)

Q: Which International Regions can I chose from?

A: We will need you to select and specify 1 International Region per report. This region will be used for any Region Specific data points (i.e. where Google and other Search Engines localize SERP results based on Region). We currently have access to data for the following International Regions:

Afghanistan (AF), Albania (AL), Algeria (DZ), Angola (AO), Argentina (AR), Armenia (AM), Australia (AU), Austria (AT), Azerbaijan (AZ), Bahamas (BS), Bahrain (BH), Bangladesh (BD), Belarus (BY), Belgium (BE), Belize (BZ), Bolivia (BO), Bosnia And Herzegovina (BA), Botswana (BW), Brazil (BR), Brunei (BN), Bulgaria (BG),

Cape Verde (CV), Cambodia (KH), Cameroon (CM), Canada (CA), Chile (CL), Colombia (CO), Democratic Republic Of The Congo (CD), Costa Rica (CR), Croatia (HR), Cyprus (CY), Czech Republic (CZ), Denmark (DK), Dominican Republic (DO), Ecuador (EC), Egypt (EG), El Salvador (SV), Estonia (EE), Ethiopia (ET), Finland (FI), France (FR),

Georgia (GE), Germany (DE), Ghana (GH), Greece (GR), Guatemala (GT), Guyana (GY), Haiti (HT), Honduras (HN), Hong Kong (HK), Hungary (HU), Iceland (IS), India (IN), Indonesia (ID), Ireland (IE), Israel (IL), Italy (IT), Jamaica (JM), Japan (JP), Jordan (JO), Kazakhstan (KZ), Kuwait (KW),

Latvia (LV), Lebanon (LB), Libya (LY), Lithuania (LT), Luxembourg (LU), Madagascar (MG), Malaysia (MY), Malta (MT), Mauritius (MU), Mexico (MX), Moldova (MD), Mongolia (MN), Montenegro (ME), Morocco (MA), Mozambique (MZ), Namibia (NA), Nepal (NP), Netherlands (NL), New Zealand (NZ), Nicaragua (NI), Nigeria (NG), Norway (NO), Oman (OM),

Pakistan (PK), Panama (PA), Paraguay (PY), Peru (PE), Philippines (PH), Poland (PL), Portugal (PT), Romania (RO), Russia (RU), Saudi Arabia (SA), Senegal (SN), Serbia (RS), Singapore (SG), Slovakia (SK), Slovenia (SI), South Africa (ZA), South Korea (KR), Spain (ES), Sri Lanka (LK), Sweden (SE), Switzerland (CH), Taiwan (TW), Thailand (TH), Trinidad And Tobago (TT), Tunisia (TN), Turkey (TR),

United Kingdom (UK), Ukraine (UA), United Arab Emirates (AE), United States (US), Uruguay (UY), Venezuela (VE), Vietnam (VN), Zambia (ZM), Zimbabwe (ZW).

Get On Search - FAQs International Regions
(FAQs – International Regions)

Q: I have more questions which aren’t answered in your FAQs, how do I ask them?

A: If you have a question or query which hasn’t been answered by one of our FAQs listed here, then you can Contact Us via the contact form on our website, and we will make every effort to respond quickly with an answer. We’ll likely also add your question to our FAQs if it’s a good one and we agree that more people need to see it.

Disclaimer on the limitations of our reports, and the potential for No Data / Lack of Data

It is entirely possibly that a website has only recently been launched online and is so young that it has little to no online footprint, Search Engine rankings, or traffic just yet.

This is natural for any new website, and in most cases, it cannot be expected that a brand new website will have any significant traffic or presence in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), until some time has passed. Typically this will be at least a few months post-launch.

If you submit a website domain name to us for analysis and we produce an SEO Audit Report which returns lots of “No Data” graphs, or tables, or which finds very little data regarding your website, we do not accept liability or responsibility for this. We cannot control or influence the data which Google and other Search Engines currently have in regard of your website, and do not accept any liability for a lack of data.

Our reporting tools query the latest globally available SEO and Search Engine data, via services including Semrush, and this data originates from Google and other Search Engines.

It takes our team significant time and effort to run and compile each report, and regardless of whether “No Data” or little data is returned for a specific metric, our reports still reflect significant work on our part. Even in the rare case where absolutely no data is found for a given website domain, our reports offer a wealth of content in the form of SEO knowledge and advice.

For these reasons, we do not accept or offer refunds for any SEO Audit Report which is run and returns little to no data points.

If your website is very young and does indeed return ‘No Data’ for key SEO metrics, then that in itself is a valuable finding. You will have established your current baseline and determined that your website is either not currently indexed, not receiving any Organic Search Traffic, and / or not ranking in the top 100 results (on Google) for any keywords.